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A Beacon of Hope During Dark Times

We all need a listening ear and a level of empathy from time to time for when life throws at us it's testing challenges. Here at Lighthouse Therapy Group we offer exactly that. We are both a private counselling practice and a not-for-profit social enterprise with a vision to challenge how mental health is perceived within the Washington, Sunderland and surrounding areas.

We have a team of dedicated counsellors and other professionals who are committed to helping people who are experiencing various different challenges. We aim to improve mental well-being by helping people discover their true potential and live a more fulfilled life.

If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, despair, loneliness or isolation, or if you feel you have just lost your life direction and want to make sense out of your world then please reach out and connect with us.


"I have spoken to Mark many times and it is very clear to me that he is not your normal Mental Health counsellor.His knowledge and deep understanding of the subject matter is born from working under extreme stress in the armed forces. A role which has prepared him better than any classroom environment could ever do. Recently, I lost my brother and despite it being Christmas, I was contacted by Mark to check on my well-being with an offer of support; as informally as saying, if you just want to chat over a pint. Know your subject. He was bang on point with me and I appreciated him reaching out to me at a time that he should have been spending time with his own family and friends. If you are finding it hard, have a session with Mark and hopefully you will begin your own journey to recovery and health."

"Lighthouse Therapy Group is truly a beacon of hope during dark times. Having used and referred others to the company,
you can guarantee you will get an honest, warm, professional and a person who truly has the customers best interest at heart.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to friends and family."

"I can assure people they will get an honest, warm, professional and friendly conversation when they speak to Mark. A person who truly has the customers best interest at heart and who cares.
If you're even thinking about getting some help, you can speak to these guys for free so see exactly what kind of support you need."

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We are conveniently situated with good transport links to both Sunderland, Washington and surrounding areas. We are nestled in the picturesque Washington Village which is just off the A1231 in the centre of the town.


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