About Us

We are a passionate, private counselling practise committed to offering high quality therapeutic counselling to the people of Sunderland, Washington and the surrounding areas.

We have a dedicated team of counsellors with a diverse area of experience, ranging from Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Historical Childhood Abuse, Grief, Bereavement, Cancer and Anticipatory Grief. We also offer dedicated support for our Armed Forces Veterans and their families.

All our counsellors follow a humanistic approach which means that we all believe that you Have within yourself the resources and the capacity to grow and overcome your issues if you’re provided with the correct environment. We will provide a safe and non-judgemental environment based around trust and mutual respect where together we can explore whatever issues brings you to counselling.

All our counsellors adopt an integrative style of counselling as we recognise that each person is a unique individual and not everyone would fit into a one style of therapy. We do this by creating a unique and individual style of therapy for each and every individual.