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Don’t wish your life away

Don't wish your life away “I just need to get these next four years of university done and out of the way!” This is something that I’ve heard a few times recently which is ringing alarm bells. When a client says this to me I’m initially saddened but then I feel the need to challenge it. A Fictitious Counselling Session With Larry Mark: “Ok, I hear that you’re eager to get these next four years out of the way with, but why is that?” Larry: “It’s so I can go out and get myself the dream job and the career
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Mental Health Options

Mental Health Options Mental Health is such a topical subject right now and not a single day goes by when there is no mention of it either on the radio, tv or on our social media news feeds. As a nation we are encouraging people to speak up and not to suffer in silence, we remind each other constantly that they are not alone and that help is out there, but where can people turn for help? Here I want to highlight three key areas where people can turn to for counselling support and hopefully shed some light on the
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