Maxine Henry

I’m curious by nature and always enjoyed learning about new cultures, people and ways of working.  As my career progressed my curiosity increased and instead of providing answers, I asked my peers and my team to dig deep to see if they knew the answers within.  Turns out they did!

It was a natural progression for me to take my coaching credentials up a notch and complete Level 7 CIM in Coaching and Mentoring.  Through this journey I have been able to rediscover the joy of people and their idiosyncrasies with a coaching lens. Instead of looking to provide answers I have learnt the art of listening to my coachees and their stories and helping them identify a positive version of their truth to enable a growth mindset. 

Individual Coaching – If you’re looking for someone to provide you answers and validate your thinking, then I’m not the coach for you.  However if you know where you want to go but not sure how to get there, even if it’s a small kernel of an idea or a willingness to grow and learn then I’ll help you identify your path and stand behind you as you walk it.

Team Coaching – Creating a space for change takes courage and psychologically safe space.  By working with me I’ll use my experience to work with your leadership team, creating a space which allows your team to leave their nonsense at the door and identify what makes them a great team, why they want to succeed together and lay strong foundations to create a resilient and adaptable Business.

Coaching is a journey that enables discovery and empowers growth.

Maxine Henry