Councellor for the lighthouse therapy group in Sunderland

Life is challenging, enlightening and yet we can’t hide that it has dark times. It is through experiencing we learn ourselves. We open to our vulnerabilities, although allowing to shine through positive encounters.

You are the expert of yourself, how you feel and your emotions, I wish to facilitate and support to find your pathway, listen to your inner voice and speak of your true self potentials you are holding within.

To ask for support can feel overwhelming, however through my empathic compassion, commitment, we can overcome together. I counsel with an integrative person-centred approach. The time is yours to discuss and explore what you wish to bring with upmost confidentiality.

I work with complex issues and mental health problems. If you find yourself struggling from anxiety, depression, abuse or an event which is causing discomfort. Come for a consultation and we can discuss options and start your journey together.

When life creates challenges, this is when we learn.