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Hi, my name is Richie. Having struggled throughout my adult life following the loss of my football career, closely followed by the death of my son I couldn’t cope with my feelings and emotions. I turned to gambling, alcohol and drugs and later became addicted to them. Having hit rock bottom at the age of 33 I decided I no longer wanted that life and sought help to get to the root cause of my problems. Having worked with some fantastic therapists I was able to find out who I really was and change my life around.

Now using my lived experience and professional qualifications I’m in a position to help others overcome those things that are holding them back in their life. Using a person centred approach at the foundation of my practice I aim to draw on other models to meet the client where they are at. In a confidential and non judgemental way we will explore, address and learn to manage issues to help you find your true authentic self and live your best life.