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The outdoors has always had such a powerful presence in my life. Some of the amazing places I’ve visited, the adventures and experiences I have had and the fact that these adventures always bring a sense of fulfillment in my life makes me value and enjoy any time in the outdoors more. I love it all….the challenges and chaos of taking on raging rivers and gorges, where you really learn to appreciate natural forces at work, right down to the peace and tranquility of a woodland walk, where you can just “be” in the outdoors.

My love for outdoor adventure drove me to turn my passion into a career and I have now been working in the outdoor industry, leading and bringing experiences to others in the outdoors for over 20 years. I have worked in many different outdoor setting, including residential centres, alternative and specialist education centres and mainstream primary and secondary schools, to name a few. Through working extensively with many age groups across the board, I can first hand advocate the benefits of being outdoors for mental and physical well-being and personal development. If  you have read to this point, and still think that the outdoors isn’t for you, then I truly believe you just haven’t found the right adventure yet… why not let us help you explore!!!

I hope, that working with Lighthouse Therapy Group, we can help people to “connect” with the outdoors. It may be as simple as looking out of the window and choosing to go outdoors with the family and explore, even if it is raining/windy/snowing, and to all feel comfortable “being” in the outdoors in any weather, or it might be to support people to find the very edge of their comfort zone, and introduce them to the thrills and spills of jumping from waterfalls into plunge pools and sliding down gorges. The outdoors has so much to offer at any level and I’d love to support and guide you to “connect” with the outdoors at a level that is right for you.