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Has it ever been safe to leave the house!

Has it ever been safe to leave the house? Change is coming, whether we like it or not. Sunday 10th May 2020 sees Boris Johnson addressing the nation where he is expected to announce a slight easing up on the current restrictions and the 'Stay at Home' guidance. No matter what is announced, it is clear that it will once again divide the public's opinion. It seems to me that there are a few different perspectives on what should be the correct course of action. Business leaders are keen to be unlocked in order to jump start the economy. Some
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NHS As Our New Religion

The NHS As Our New Religion So here we are, 5th May and I think it's the 6th week of lockdown, but I can't be sure as everything is blending into one big blur. The whole country has certainly been through some serious challenges over the past few months which has seen the rise of the NHS to unquestionable heights. Week in, week out we all gather outside on a Thursday evening at 8 o'clock to applaud our heroes and offer our thanks and support the amazing NHS, but do we all know exactly what we are thanking them for?
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